Time Out Praxis

Praxis für spirituelle Begleitung

Praxis für spirituelle Begleitung


You are welcome !

my greatest joy is
to see people walking on their path to fulfil their life purpose.

at certain times our path seems to stop and something makes it difficult to proceed. we might hit these hindrances again and again no matter how hard we try to resolve it. you might face a physical symptom, emotional pain, mental or spiritual blockages.

my work is to guide you beneath the surface of your conscious awareness; to go to the source of the issue, to rediscover, understand heal and integrate “forgotten” parts of yourself. in a relaxed and comfortable and trusting space you get in touch with deep unresolved memories, which influence your life of today.

then you are free to make the changes you want and live a more whole, joyful and meaningful life.

a spiritual path to become conscious of the underlying patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, bringing them up to the light of day to observe, deeply understand and removing the causes for our life issues now.

Nice that you are here !