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Praxis für spirituelle Begleitung

Praxis für spirituelle Begleitung

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offer and costs

past life sessions are completed in themselves and do not require regular meetings with me. they can be repeated or deepened at a later date. the work has a long lasting effect and has to be integrated into daily life.

regression therapy solves issues on different levels - physical in the body, emotional and mental. it is a very deep work and can take 1-3, for more complex issues it can take up to 5 sessions to "clean up completely".

time: 2,0 hrs
cost: 120,--

past life session, regression therapy
time: 3,0 hrs, incl. pre-talk
cost: 180,--

life-between-lives, LBL
by Dr. Michael Newton
time: 4-5,0 hrs, incl. pre-talk and recording of the session
cost: 460,--

by skype or phone or in my praxis
time: 1,5 hrs
cost: 80,--

“beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field,
i will be meeting you there.”

Rumi, Mystiker und Dichter