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transpersonal regressiontherapy

transpersonal regressiontherapy


past life regression

impact from earlier lives.

in an altered state of consciousness, you will be guided into a previous life. this will enable you to see patterns beyond the confusion and illusions of your present life. you recognise patterns, why you act and feel the same way over and over again, and why you experience similar experiences over and over again. you can recognise important connections and decisions made that still influence your life of today.

reincarnation therapy uses this altered state of consciousness to re-experience traumatic scenes or conflicts from the past. past life regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts made with others in previous individual existences and relationships with other souls and uncover the roots of habitual behaviours.

we built bridges from the the past to today

such usually unconscious memories distort our mental, emotional and physical well-being.we release and reappraise them and results will be integrated into your life of today.

i am:
certified past life regression therapist

The Holistic Healing Center, Paul Aurand, New York