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transpersonal regressiontherapy

transpersonal regressiontherapy


transpersonal regression therapy

reincarnation therapy (regression to a past life) and regression therapy (regression back in time) in common works with the somatic, physical and spiritual unresolved issues from our past, which often are the source of our current problems.

focus on your earlier lives
If there are no reason in your life of today, then we will go straight back to previous lives. we often look at several lives here. we do not always go through life in chronological order, but instead focus on unresolved situations. it is about a "fully understanding" of the topic. the most important part is the solution, clarification and healing.

focus symptoms
often we enter an altered state through the consciousness of your body. our body has its own memory. he encapsulates unresolved emotions, traumatic events so that we can proceed in our life. To free these encapsulated and often forgotten memories we work directly with the body´s memory.

the intention of my work is to release, understand, resolve and transform an issue, so that you understand the underlying cause. we go to the real source for blockages, behaviour, emotions, but also disease and symptoms. each session is unique. we're going back in time in this present life and past lives. migraine, chronic low back pain or knee problems might tell the story of an old accident or childhood trauma. chronic pain can be caused by experiences stored in the body from a previous life.

regression therapy works with the somatic, physical and spiritual residues from our past, which are often the roots of our present problems.
problems are solved and transformed in a safe and structured way.

this work may require 2-3 sessions at some interval. Ii is deep and profound.
regression therapy is one of the deepest, most effective and the fastest-transforming work.

the session will be recorded for you
further information about regression therapy can be found with EARTH-Association www.earth-association.org

i am:
certified regression therapist

The Regression Academy, Andy Tomlinson, UK

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