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transpersonal regressiontherapy

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Life between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL) by Dr. Michael Newton
a journey into the life-between-lives (LBL).

LBL stands for “life between lives”. i was trained in dr. newtons method of guiding clients into the between lives state by the newton institute. dr. michael newton is a hypnotherapist and the author of “journey of souls” and “destiny of souls”.

who am i, where do i come from and where do i go after death

this journey is going to the spirit world, the place where we come from and to which we return after our physical death. it gives insights on the evolution of your soul, purpose in life, your spirit helpers and guides. You will come to know your soul family, and even meet closely related people, which have passed over already.

in an altered state of mind you experience how the soul leaves the physical body and transits to the spirit realm where our real home is. Every journey is unique.

this is a very deeply touching experience and I go along with you sensitively.

please note that it is highly recommended that those who are interested in an LBL session have a past life regression (in a separate session) beforehand.

the session will be recorded for you.

i am:
Life between Lives
trained and certified
The Newton Institute for LBL Therapy, New York

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