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transpersonal regressiontherapy

transpersonal regressiontherapy


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what do we do?

regression- and reincarnation sessions take you to the source of your issue, where it can be resolved - you can think about it as if you pull out the thorn, which created all the problems. then we go and find your inner resources for the process of healing. This means that you are prepared to go in deeper and darker memories; and there might be emotions and memories popping up to the surface.

LBL “life-between-lives” hypnotherapy as developed by Dr. Michael Newton will be prepared in an individual talk and with an detailed questionnaire.

online counselling - we find the best approach for any individual issue. questions regarding your personal life and spiritual topics, counselling your current life situation and your progress and unfoldment can be looked at online. therefore you only need a camera at your computer and a simple headset. I will send you an online invitation to our meeting.

physical symptoms always show that an unresolved issue is there for quite a while already. here we go to the source off it. your body has its own memory on which we draw. then the symptoms can be understood and resolved sustainable. This process might require a few sessions.

how do we do it?

in a deep relaxed state the conscious mind takes a back seat, allowing the all-knowing and understanding higher consciousness take control and explore beneath the levels of conscious awareness, providing guidance and healing. you are always in control of your experience during a session, and can go as deep as you allow yourself to. Trust in your own process and your own inner wisdom are the key to a successful session. i am simply a facilitator, guiding you through your own experience.

sessions can take place in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, or even close to you. sessions can be in german or englisch language.

skype und online-dates are possible. just talk to me about it.

Jana Grossmann

“beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field,
i will be meeting you there.”

Rumi, Mystiker und Dichter